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Antique Glaze & Faux Finish

Ensuring proper protection for great pieces while also maintaining the original look can be a difficult thing to do, especially when the project is large-scale. Our antique glazing techniques, coupled with experienced and knowledgeable staff, ensure that any work done can be completed with the original antique look and detail in mind. Antique glazing, when done expertly, can bring the faded glory out of any woodwork, regardless of the age. Different types of wood and wood grains have personality all their own, and our goal when doing antique glaze is to bring out the uniqueness of each and every decorative item. The grains of wood alone can change the nature of a piece, but we think of each antique glazing project as a new and exciting work of art, something to draw attention and look distinguished within your establishment.

We pride ourselves in our ability to work with the grain of the wood to pull out the best possible glaze finish. Antique glazing can be especially difficult on a large scale, considering how the piece was originally intended to look. We also take into consideration the location of the piece (especially on a grander scale) and we consider how to best honor the original look while still adhering to the newly glazed piece’s location and overall integration into a building or structure.

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